Introductory Elite Club Member Offer

Sports Made Easy June Offer

Our new features will help players excel in their junior tennis career by leveraging fragmented data in an easily digestible way to assist in making key decisions about selecting tournaments and training programs.  Pros like Roger, Nadal, and Djokovic are very successful in leveraging available data to help prepare mentally and physically for upcoming tournaments.

Why upgrade to Premium Plan?

While you get abundant functionalities from the standard version you will not be getting some of the key functionalities like identifying the tournament which is right for you based on your rankings and ratings by keeping your goals in mind. Favorite any player to quickly follow their rankings or to view ranking points breakdown. For details on all premium features click here

If you upgrade your account to premium before June 30th we will match you with an elite plan for the same time period for no additional cost. This would save you $70 annually and $21 quarterly.

Play the instructional video below to learn how to work the app for these features.

Why upgrade to Elite Plan?

Elite plan is for advanced tennis players who play national level tournaments frequently or for the family which has more than one tennis player or players who want to achieve the best results with data insight. Features like compare multiple tournaments, to see which tournament is the best for you based on your rankings and the competitors who signed up is a great time and money saver when it comes to selecting the tournament. For details on all elite features click here

Play the instructional video below to learn how to work the app to compare multiple events compare feature.


Lifetime free Standard Services

Our standard services will still be available for all members who are not interested in the subscription-based enhanced features beginning June 3, 2019 for a lifetime. For detailed features and pricing, please click here.

We thank you once again for the patronage and trust.

Yours Sincerely,

Sports Made Easy Management Team