Subscription Related FAQs


Why should I subscribe for premium services now?

If you subscribe for premium services before June 30th you will be upgraded to Elite for no additional cost. Elite yearly plan costs $159. Besides the $70 savings, Elite plan lets you to compare more than one national tournament options to see which one is the best one for you to signup.

Why should I go for the Elite Club subscription?

With an elite membership, you can have up to 4 family members enjoy all of the premium features under one plan. You can compare all national level 2 and 3 tournaments up to locations in one report to see which is one best suited for you based on your preference.

How can I run the compare tournaments report?

Please click the instructional video below to learn how to run the compare multiple tournaments reports

Can I buy a subscription if I’m minor (less than 18 years old?

No. You need to have your parents buy a plan under their account and claim your profile as their family members in order to get all the great features under the paid plan.

What are the Benefits of Premium subscription?

You can see the player who are registered in any tournament along with their ranking data and sort it to see players above and below your rankings to plan better, get tournament deadline reminders, email alert every time your USTA ranking is updated, securely chat with individual players, set a player(s) as favorite and follow their rankings easily.

What is the best plan to choose as a parent?

The Elite plan is the best plan for a parent, as they can add up to 3 children or husband and wife can have the same power to plan for kids tournament.

Why should I compare tournaments before I signup?

Each player has different goals when it comes to the tournament. Sometimes you want to play a highly competitive tournament to improve your game or get more points to advance your rankings to play bigger tournaments where rankings matter for the selection or you want to simply boost the morale of winning more matches by selecting less competitive matches.

Why should I get the tournament reminder?

35% of junior USTA tournament players miss the tournament registration deadline, therefore, the kids miss some key tournaments. There is no bookmark feature in USTA to go back to the tournaments you are interested in signing up. Once your bookmark, our system will send a reminder at 72 hours and 24 hours prior to the tournament registration deadline.

How can I get the tournament reminder?

Users should be a Premium/Elite subscribed user and they should bookmark the tournament by favoriting an event which is stored under “My Events”.

What does the Standard Subscription Offer give access to?

Users can search the rank of other players, search and invite a player for the match, search USTA tournaments, group chat with the tournament director, access Restaurant & Sports apparel/gear deals, play fantasy sports/bracket challenge etc.