Compare multiple tournaments at once to determine your best pick

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Click Tournaments on bottom of the  home page and choose Search Tournament Option
  2. You can either do a Simple Search or Advanced Search which will list tournaments based on your search criteria
  3. Now select Compare against the tournament that you want to compare which will prompt you to select the division
  4. Make sure that you select at least two tournaments and click Compare
  5. Now you will see the report based on tournaments and respective details such as what is your position based on USTA and UTR ratings.
  6. Click View More to go to the tournament detail page where in you will have the option to look into the participants, draws and view your position on the tournament that you have selected for comparing tournaments.


  1. Select “Suggest Right Tournaments” on the home page of the app
  2. This will pop up a dialog box asking “Do you want to compare participants for already Favorited tournament or new “?
  3. If you have Favorited tournaments already choose Favorited  (if tournaments are Favorited and follow step 6) , else choose “New”
  4.  This will show up tournament search page wherein you enter your search criteria to see all the tournaments you like to explore. Example for National Level 3 tournaments for Feb 25 thru Dec 30 select the date range 02/25 thru 12/30
  5. Results will be displayed based on your search criteria. Click the funnel symbol on the top to narrow the results if required
  6. Click compare on the tournaments wherein you will be prompted to select the division to run the compare reports
  7. Now you will see  report based on  tournaments and respective details such as what is your position based on USTA and UTR ratings.

Note : You can also use the compare tournament functionality by choosing Tournament option at the bottom of the home page and choose ” My Favorite Tournaments” which will display the tournament list that you can compare