View Participants to determine your position on any tournament

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Click Events on home page
  2. Click Search for events and choose the advanced search option
  3. Enter your search criteria to see all the tournaments you like to explore. Example for National Level 3 tournaments for July 6 thru 8 select the date range July 7 thru 9
  4. Results will be displayed based on your search criteria. Click the funnel symbol on the top to narrow the results if required
  5. Click any particular event to see event details
  6. Once you are on the event details page click participants to see all the participants information along with their national ranking and UTR
  7. Select the desired division to see all the players and their sectional ranking and UTR ratings. By default, it is sorted based on national ranking. You can see all the players and your position if you are registered for that tournament.

For video instructions please click here.