View Participants to determine your position on any tournament

Waiting to know whether you will make the cut for a tournament is stressful. Hence we at Sports Made Easy have come up with a way for you to figure out if you will make the quota for a tournament depending on your current USTA and UTR ranking. Now instead of worrying about the cut, you can work on winning the tournament.

The below steps apply to the Sports Made Easy app only. Make sure you have downloaded and registered in the app to follow the steps. If you haven’t, get it from App Store or Google Play.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log in to the Sports made Easy 2.0 app.
  2. Click Tournaments  at the bottom of the home page
  3. Select Search Tournament option
  4. If you know the Tournament id, enter it and click Search.
  5. Otherwise, choose the Search by Tournament Name option and enter your search criteria to see all the tournaments you like to explore. Example for National Level 3 tournaments for Feb 25 thru Dec 31, enter the search word as ‘National Level 3’ and select the date range 02/25 thru 12/31.
  6. Results will be displayed based on your search criteria. Click the funnel symbol on the top right corner to narrow the results if required.
  7. Click on the tournament to see its details.
  8. Once you are on the Tournament details page, click Participants to see all the participants’ information along with their national/sectional and UTR ranking. If you choose a sectional tournament you will see the sectional ranks and if it is a national tournament you will see their national ranks.
  9. Select the desired division by clicking Select your division to see all the players registered for that division. By default, it is sorted based on their USTA ranking.
  10. Click View My Position on the bottom bar to see what your position will be if you register for that tournament.