Key Features of Sports Made Easy App which helps the Future Tennis Stars

You can never say that you know all the tricks to excel in your game. In this tech-driven era, here are a few more ammunitions for your arsenal.

  1. As an aspiring Tennis star, you would want to keep up with your USTA and UTR rankings often. What if you can do that in one place? With Sports Made Easy app you can check all the tennis-related rankings of you and your rivals. You can even drill down further using View Ranking Points and see the breakdown of your points and its expiration. If your biggest point contribution expires in a month, it means you will drop ranking position significantly unless you play another tournament and get similar points. You can use this information to advance your tennis carrier.
  2. Are you worried about choosing the right national tournament? Have you poured hours into finding the best one? Here is a cheat sheet for you guys, use Compare Tournaments feature to compare up to 4 national/sectional tournaments for the same division across multiple locations. This will show your position in each of those tournaments, the location of the tournament and the distance in miles. See which one has better opportunities for you to succeed before you sign up.
  3. Are you going back and forth between the tournament website to check the participants? With Sports Made Easy you can view all the Participants who have signed up to a tournament easily. You can go further still and sort them based on their USTA rankings or UTR ratings to see where a player falls and who is ahead of him/her.
  4. Have you registered for a tournament and are anxious to see if you make the cut? Worry no more. View Position lets you know your position in any tournament before signing up based on your latest USTA and UTR rating. You never have to wait to find out if you will make it to the final competitors’ list.
  5. Do you have an eye on a few tournaments? Stop adding TODOs to follow it! You can Favorite tournaments as and when you see them in the search list. When you do that you will get deadline reminders at three intervals i.e. 7 days, 3 days and 24 hours before. Also, this adds the event to your mobile calendar (if you give permission when the app prompts you to).
  6. They say keep your friends close and enemies closer. Have a close look at your competition by marking them as favorite. Using Favorite Players you can follow their ranking and progress quickly.

Ready to steer your tennis performance to a whole new level? Download our app from the App Store or Google Play. Use our Elite features free for a month and see your growth. No credit card is required to sign up.