Sports Made Easy 2.0 Unleashed

Dear Community Members,

Thank you for your continuous patronage. We at Sports Made Easy very much appreciate your interest in making tennis tournament experience a breeze for parents and players. With several USTA-driven junior pathway changes underway for 2020 and 2021, we decided this is the time for Sports Made Easy to make our own technological leap ahead to make our technology future-ready. To that effect, we are currently in the process of upgrading our technology platform to be cutting-edge in order to support artificial intelligence, IoT, and other technology advancements to enhance and expand our users’ day-to-day experience as USTA and other forthcoming changes begin rolling out.

We will be migrating to our new platform before the end of February 2020. We previously disabled the payment requirements in our current app to allow customers to experience our old program and experience the new app for a period of time, all without the hassle of committing financially during this transition period. For all our paid users, we will be crediting your account for the period of time that we are making the app available to users for FREE.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

If your membership is expired, please send us an email to to get a FREE upgrade to premium features for 30 days. Hurry up though, because this offer is only valid for 5 days (Expires midnight on Feb 5, 2020). All current paid memberships should automatically be credited for this limited-time free use transition period once they transition over to new app; however, if for any reason you do not see such a credit when you transition to our new app, please do not hesitate to let us know so that we can ensure proper credit is given.

If you have any questions or looking for clarification, please email our support.



Junior Competition Development Team

Sports Made Easy