Transition to New App

Onward and Upward Journey with Sports Made Easy

Dear Community Members,

Thank you for your continuous patronage. We informed you back in December to let you know that Sports Made Easy would be changing the technology platform. We will be launching our product in order to make your tennis tournament experience a breeze for players, parents, and coaches on or before March 1st. During this transition period, we will not charge our existing subscribed users and the new users who will be joining the community. That means the entire March you can enjoy the app features at no cost to you. If you are a subscribed user in our old app we will transfer your existing credit to the new app with 30 days extension. All users will have to register when you download the new app. Don’t worry we simplified the registration with 3 simple clicks. We will be sending you the link to download the app on February 29th.

Here is what you can do with our new version of  the app

  • View your position on any National or Sectional tournament before you sign up based on your current USTA rankings and UTR ratings
  • Compare one or more tournaments to see which one to signup based on your personal goals.
  • Use ranking points breakdown to plan for a tournament and follow players ahead of you to stay on top of your game
  • Keep up with your USTA ranking or UTR rating updates as well as your competitors in one simple screen
  • Favorite any players to follow their ranking progression quickly
  • Get tournament alerts for any of your bookmarked tournaments so you never miss another key tournament in life       

We’re here to help 

For any questions or clarifications please email us at or call us at 1-866-532-0881 ext (402).


Sports Made Easy Team